Something Wicked This Way Come – part 1 zillion


It is inherently bigoted to put people in categories and then pander to them. Therefore, liberal progressive ideology is inherently bigoted… and because liberal progressive ideologues lack the ability to process this logic, they ultimately lash out with hateful rhetoric when all hope of a reasonable argument is realized. If you don’t agree with a LibProg, you will be accused of being some similar variation of a dumb bigot on the verge of violence. The obvious irony is the LibProg seemingly lacks any self-recognition that they are exactly what they accuse others. I personally believe this phenomenon is also fed by an elitist mentality. Since they know how you should think and live your life better then you do, they are emboldened with a ‘by any means necessary’ attitude. Thus sinking deeper into a pit void of logic and filled with hate. “Share the sacrifice”. they will say… and never the prosperity. It’s very sad. I hope the country can overcome these people. Time is running very short.


John Boehner On Fire Today

We’ll burn this house down if we have to. Figuratively of course.

It is the Tea Party that holds the light. It is time to let it shine, no matter the heady winds. We must hold.

John Boehner shows more leadership in this video then Barack Obama has since taking the oath.



Rising Star: Not. Messing. Around…. Jim Jordan (OH)

Jim Jordan


Wiki Bio

Happening Now


Keith Olberman Sucked!


Tea Party Gravity Effect: The 2010 Omnibus


Rising Star: Ladies and Gentleman… Rand Paul


Here’s some news brought to you by CNN about MSNBC from someone who is supposedly brain washed by a so-called biased FoxNews. Enjoy.

Olbermann out indefinately or something….MSNBC still biased and sucky -CNN (sort of)


I wonder what Nancy thinks of the “Astro Turf” movement now


Day 1 of Part 2 in a trilogy of the most important elections in our life time

see you tomorrow





Don’t call her Ma’am…not yet.

This is great.  I can’t tell you how much I despise Barbara Boxer.  Shameful that she holds office in our Congress. I’m begging California… Please wake up and vote this person out. I know I’d love to call her Ma’am instead of Senator on Nov. 3rd.

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.


The Bye Bye Barney Shuffle

Rep. Barney Frank (D) would be on my list of Progressive politicians that must go if we are to have a fighting chance to fix Washington.  Frank will not be remembered fondly historically due to his hand in the collapse of the economy in 2007.  In 2003, as a ranking member of the Financial Service Committee, Frank insisted that Fannie and Freddie was stable.  During the same period Frank was strong arming banks into making risky home loans to high risk borrowers.  He wanted to “roll the dice” with questionable loans.  Fannie and Freddie scooped up huge quantities of the risky loan funds.  When the housing bubble burst, largely because of the bad loans, Banks holding these bad assets like Fannie and Freddie either collapsed or became very unstable.  Enter the beginning of the bailouts.  Bottom line…. Frank is a big part of the problem our economy and country faces today.

It seemed like a pipe dream that his constituents would wake-up and vote him out.  I mean they kept voting him back in again and again.  Therefore I really haven’t mentioned him to much.

Do you believe in miracles.  Barney’s got a fight on his hand this time around.  The people living in his district need to wake-up and boot this bozo.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Here is a recent ad his opponent Sean Bielat is running.  Bielat is a very strong candidate. The “bubble” is in reference to the housing bubble that burst.


For my 100th post…

I actually had a couple dozen or so posts prior to the ones listed but the website was mysteriously wiped out earlier in the Tea Party movement.  I decided to keep it going for 2 reasons.

1. I want to go on record with my beliefs in what I consider a major historical period. Certainly in my life.

2. Because it’s just that important.

I’ve been surrounded by people with different views about these things my whole life…as I am now. It’s clear to me now that this has been a microcosm of the problems we face today.

I can’t stand-by  without making my say…. or at least without some effort of say on these matters. I’ll keep on chugging regardless.

Quickly, this November 2nd will be the first chapter in a trilogy of election cycles (’10’12,’14) that will greatly effect our country’s success and our individual happiness.

Please vote for principled Fiscal Conservatives this November. Then get ready for chapter 2.

with that I give you this video for my 100th post.


Rove makes Administration look silly on funding accusation


Obama – “…(Republicans) are counting on blacks staying home.”

This is completely and utterly disgusting.  This man should be ashamed of himself. Is it me or do I detect a bit of Reverend Wright in this race baiting, class warfare rhetoric.  He continually disrespects his Office by resorting to carnival barker and rabble-rouser.

Mr. President, what would you say to the many African Americans who plan on voting for Conservatives? How about black Conservative candidates like Florida’s Allen West (Rising Star)? Could it be, Mr. President, that you are merely pandering to blacks because you yourself are black? It can’t be because your policies are helping African Americans.  According to the Dept. of Labor unemployment amongst blacks is significantly higher then overall unemployment.  It now stands at 17.6%… up in September from 17.3%.  The national average amongst all is 9.6%.  The percentage is much worse for the younger age groups. Race baiting won’t fix the problem.  Pro small business and fiscal conservative policies would though.  But let’s be honest Mr. President, if you did that then African Americans would probably be more inclined to vote Republican in the future.  That’s why you represent the Party of food stamps.  It’s more politically convenient for you to have high black unemployment. Thus the race baiting. You should be ashamed of yourself; your Party; and your ideology.

Everyone should remember in November.


Rising Stars: Thaddeus McCotter

I’ve been keeping an eye on this guy over the last few years. The sky is the limit for this guy’s political career. He is wicked smart but has the type of disposition that is pleasantly infectious and disarming.  He is a strong fiscal conservative.  One of the things that stuck out to me is his grasp of history and his eloquent deadpan speaking manner. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? The kicker is his great sense of humor.  I foresee him significantly helping attract youth to the Conservative movement. In other words… He’s not your Daddy’s Republican.  I can’t imagine him ever loosing a debate. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

He was the first Republican in the House to come out against the bailouts.

A regular guest on The Dennis Miller Radio Show and Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld

A regular guest on The Dennis Miller Radio Show and Redeye with Greg Gutfeld The following is Legendary …..


Kaboom: Remember in November

Excuse me while I go run through a brick wall.


Kaboom: MSM… You’re Next!

We must not put our foot on the brakes.  Now is when we step on the gas.  Remember in November.


Analogy of the Day: A Tattered Baseball and the Top 3%


Here’s my analogy for the day concerning letting the Bush tax cuts expire for anyone making over $250,000 a year.  Democrats are going with the class warfare argument that it would only effect the top 3% of earners.

Imagine that the physical you represents 97% of economy.  You’re not feeling well.  You’re actually very sick.  I’m Barack Obama and I’m holding a tattered baseball which represents the last 3%.  Now… I’m going to strap you up against the wall so you can’t move.  Then I take this tattered baseball and with everything I have in me, I reach back and hurl the baseball as hard as I can at your face.  So hard in fact that it further damages the tattered baseball.

My question is… Do you think it will effect you?

The point from a political standpoint is that Obama is more concerned with further damaging the tattered baseball then he is with your well being.

That 3%, by the way, would directly effect nearly half of all small businesses.  The baseball may or may not survive the pummeling… but I guarantee it will hurt everyone, especially the middle class… already mightily struggling.

This is also the Liberal mentality in a nutshell.  It helps to understand the constant blind hypocrisy as well.


It’s official…HC costs are going up.

Healthcare Cost Curve Bends Up

It’s official… Health-care cost curve bends up… not down as promised. If only we could have seen this coming. Oh wait… I and the majority of Americans did see this coming. Interesting how that all worked out. I thought Nancy Pelosi said we’d all be happy once we passed the bill… “so we can see what’s in it.” …she said.

Now they want to significantly raise taxes on half of all small businesses. I’m sure that will work out well for the middle class.

I don’t know if I can state this any clearer: You have to be out of your mind if you support and vote for the majority establishment leadership in November. Avoid at all cost is a ‘D’ is in front of their name. Strongly question if they have an ‘R’ in front of their name. It is crucial, for the sake of the Country, that everyone 1.) vote 2.) vote fiscal conservative. Please make sure you are registered and know where your polling station is located.

Please don’t misconstrue urgency for anger. Voting fiscal conservative may be the most important thing you do all year.

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